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Michael Wilson, Guidance Counselor

Hi! I'm Mike Wilson, one of two guidance counselors at Warren Middle . 
I've been a youth worker for 25 years, and a school counselor for 10 years, in Columbia, South Carolina and Madrid, Spain. 
I've been married to Sarah for 20 years and have 4 children and 2 cats. 
I love working with middle school students because they are in such an important and exciting stage of life where they are rapidly growing (physical, social, cognitive, and emotional), growing in responsibility and opportunity and a lot of fun as well.
When I'm not at school I like to go to Worlds of Fun and play cooperative board games with my children. My wife and I like to go out to eat together (Chinese and Outback are favorites) and go to the movies (Star Wars VIII is coming this December, woo hoo!). During quiet time I like to study the Bible and play the guitar.