Richard W. Warren Middle School

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My Goal:  I want my students to be able to think, read, and communicate clearly their ideas and opinions to the world.  To accomplish this...students are expected to read, write and discuss various topics daily.
This year 6th grade students in Social Studies will be covering current events, as well as...


Geography-- August

Early Humans--September








Students will have access to their textbook via Chromebook.


Students will have access to all slides and points of class discussion via Google Classroom.




Be Respectful: to yourself, others, and school property

Be Responsible: for your words and actions

Be Ready: to learn by being in class on time with the needed materials

Be Kind: ALWAYS!



All work assigned to students has value in our learning process and it will be expected to be completed. I will work with students to make up missing assignments. No points will be taken away for a task being completed late. Points will be taken for work that is not of the expected quality.


All assignments in Google Classroom have directions included. Students need to read the directions carefully and ask for clarification when needed.