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This Week

4/4 - We are starting a project next week about different groups that immigrated to Kansas in the late 1800's. I am looking forward to a little change of pace. We have been consuming a lot of content about Kansas prior to and during the Civil War but now it is time to move on! Students will be creating an advertisement to entice people to come to Kansas! We will work during class but students may need to do some work at home too.

3/7 - Just a reminder that the quarter ends next week. I gave students their grades today and information about any missing assignments. If they didn't bring it home, you can check Power School. Students are welcome to stay after school Monday and Tuesday to "catch up" if needed.

3/3-3/7 - We are beginning a new unit in Kansas History called "Bleeding Kansas". We will be learning about the role Kansas played prior to and during the Civil War. Keep in mind the quarter will end on March 12 which is next week. Students with missing work should get it turned in this week.

I am a little anxious to grade the Unit 3 test this weekend. I think that students who completed the study guide and studied will be happy with the outcome of their work. Hoping that hard work pays off. It usually does!

2/24-2/28 - This week we are finishing up our unit on Westward Expansion. Some of the topics included have been: American explorers, the Santa Fe & Oregon-California Trails, Indian Removal Act, assimilation of Native Americans and battles between Native Americans and U.S. troops. Hopefully, students are beginning to understand the complexity of our history as we learn about the strength and resilience of pioneers and settlers, as well as our countries sometimes inhumane treatment of those who were here before us.

The test for this unit is Thursday, February 27.

1/27-1/31 - This week we researched Indian tribes native to Kansas and some outside of the area. Students did individual research on a particular aspect of a Kansas tribe and a non-Kansas tribe and then combined their efforts with a poster to include their information and a visual. Next week, students will present their findings to the class. We will also start our next unit of study which is about Manifest Destiny.

1/21/14-1/24/14 - These short weeks are playing havoc with our plans. But I felt like the kids really stretched themselves with two activities we did this week. The first one was analyzing historic photographs and the second was analyzing the painting on a buffalo hide. One of our goals is to use primary resources to learn about the groups we are studying and also to think like an historian. Check out our new link called Symbaloo. We will be adding more boxes to it as we go through the semester.

1/17/14 - Chapter 1 of Kansas History is over. I will try to get tests graded and into Power School over the weekend. Chapter 2 focuses on Indian groups in Kansas prior to European settlement. Looking forward to learning more about the Plains Indians.

1/13-1/16 - Learn about the geography of Kansas. Test Thursday!

12/12 - I will be available after school on Monday and Tuesday to help anyone who wants to stay and work on country projects, travel journals or maps!

9/9-9/13 - We will delve into longitude and latitude this week and continue our work with continents and oceans. Look for a quiz on continents and oceans on Wednesday or Thursday.
If you have not finished your amusement park map and turned it in, please do so ASAP! They are worth 60 points and show me what you have learned about distance, direction and other terms from the first unit.

Students will finish up their amusement park maps on Tuesday. Wednesday, we will start to learn about the grid system as a precursor to longitude and latitude which will follow later in the week. If all goes as planned, we will have a pre-test over location of continents, oceans and seas by the end of the week or early next week.

Wow! Hard to believe the first quarter is over. Students will finish up our unit on regions this week. We will take a quiz over the states and capitals in the Midwest on Tuesday and students should be prepared to turn in their 5 themes chart for the Midwest Tuesday, as well. Friday is the Unit 2 test over regions and states and capitals in the West.

Sorry for the long absence from the website. I had some technical difficulties most of which involved forgetting my password to access it. :) Hope your students have mentioned our end of the semester project. We are starting to work on it Monday and will use 6 class periods to create powerpoints or prezis about a country. I am attaching the requirements (some of it is just for my use and students will receive paper copies of everything they need) and students are welcome to work on it at home too. They will need a flash drive to save their work at school and home.
I know the next few weeks will fly by. World Geography will be over before we know it and Kansas History is up next!

This week we are learning about a few places in Africa. Ask your students about their trip to the Pyramids of Giza and their African Safari. On Friday, we start South America.

I believe we had a powerful day in World Geography today. As part of our unit on Africa, we spent yesterday learning about the famous South African, Nelson Mandela. Ironically, as Mr. Torres and I were working yesterday after school, we found out that Mandela had died. We spent some more time reflecting on his life in class today. These kinds of teachable moments don't come around very often. I hope your student will share with you some of the things they learned about Mandela and South Africa.

This week we are spending a few days in South America. On Wednesday, we start to tie up the semester with a video that encompasses the 5 themes of Geography. Thursday and Friday are our final days to work on our Country Projects in class.

Recent Posts

Let's start Kansas History!

As the new semester begins, so does a new subject in 7th grade social studies.  We spent the last week dusting off some of our geography skills, latitude and longitude, relative location, legend, etc and will spend the next week learning about the geography of Kansas before we start in to the history of our state.  

Our goal is to test on Chapter 1 by Thursday, Jan. 16 but will modify if we need to spend a little more time reviewing our geography skills from 1st quarter.  We will be learning about rivers, lakes, counties and cities in Kansas this week.  If you are new to the state or a lifer like me, Kansas could become a topic of conversation in the car or around the dinner table.

One more day!

We are giving students one more day in class to finish their country projects.  It will be Monday, December 16.

Change in this week's schedule

We will finish our Country Project research on Wednesday and Thursday instead of Thursday and Friday.

End of semester is coming!

Wow! I can't believe there are only 2 weeks left in the semester.  Please check power school for any missing work your student may have.  Also, check the calendar link on this page.  We have lots of important dates coming up. 

Send me an email when you subscribe to my site and your student can earn extra credit!

Deadline for extra credit is 12/19/13.

This Week

Tuesday - Midwest Region States and Capitals Quiz/MW Region 5 themes chart due

Wednesday - West Region 5 Themes Chart

Thursday - Review West states and capitals

Friday - Unit 2 Test - Includes - West states and capitals & completing a detailed and specific 5 themes chart for one state from each region.

Missing Work

Please check Power School to see if you have any missing work.  I will finish grading things turned in on Friday over the weekend and post them early next week.  We are finishing up our first unit of the school year and that work needs to be finished and turned in so we can concentrate our efforts on what's coming up next!

Amusement Park Maps

Wow!  I am so impressed with the detail and care that students are using to create their maps.  I have extended the deadline for completion to Tuesday, September 3.  I can't wait for parents to see this work!