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Introduction - School Psychologist


Welcome to Warren Middle School! I 'm the School Psychologist at Warren & provide a wide variety of supports & services to our students. I absolutely love what I do & middle school aged students are my most favorite age group.

One of my primary responsibilities is helping generate pro-active positive interventions for students that need extra supports built into their school day. Another responsibility is evaluation of students to help determine eligibility & need for special education services.

As new students move into our school with IEP's, I review incoming records & make recommendations to our special education team - along with parent input in regards to sped services that may help the student work up to their potential in the least restrictive educational setting.

Of course, I am available to meet with parents/students regarding academic, social, emotional &/or behavioral concerns. Typically, I work with small groups of students throughout the school year to help address a wide variety of concerns students may have during their school day. These group activities may include social skills, anger management, self-concept, behavior management...the possibilities are endless & based on student need.

Warren has a Student Intervention Team of which I am a member. This team works closely with parents & general education staff in regards to setting students up for success at school. Typically, this is the team that makes referrals for comprehensive evaluations. When parents call & request an evaluation - the process is initiated with a referral to the Student Intervention Team. Our focus is to be pro-active & help students be successful in the general education classroom setting.

Please contact me at 694-1530 ext #167 if I can answer questions or be of service to you.