Richard W. Warren Middle School

News and Announcements

Students of the Week 12/9/16

Mr. Kedrowski proudly awarded another great group of Warren Pioneers the honor of student of the week for all of their hard work and dedication to their studies. This week's students are:
6th- Eddie Thomas & Secret Barlow
7th- Chloe Herring & Aiden Trowbridge (not pictured)
8th-Alicia Combs & Donavan Gebert
Explo- Brooklynn Sieg & Riley Foster
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Students of the Week 11/18/16

Another fantastic group of Warren Pioneers were awarded Student of the week for their exemplary performance in the classroom. Great job!
6th- Grant Robertson & Abby Richardson
7th- Isis Loux & Evan Berounsky
8th- Dominic Weilemann & Danielle Gillespie
Explo- Leslie Brown & Janessa Rogers
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Students of the Week 11/11/16

Our Warren students sure do know how to shine! Our shining students last week were:
6th- Jeremiah Yeaton, Esa Lozoya
7th- Ra'Chelle Carroll, Trino Negron-Wright
8th- Erin Ruggles, Christian Vital
Explo- Daniel Pittman, Phoebe Dobbs
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11/7/16 Students of the Week

Congratulations to this week's star students!
6th grade- Bradley Garnett, Dakota Reynolds
7th grade- Connor Smith, Mallory Price
8th grade- Tabby Dey, Luke Richardson
Explo- Alice Manchester, Christian Graves
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Students of the Week 10/31/16

A great big shout out goes to our hardworking students of the week this week!
6th- Sam Curtis, Makayla Richardson
7th- Dhakiya Blake, John Lewis
8th- Gunner Coussens (not pictured), Jena Zamora (not pictured)
Explo- Hope Lopez, Aleczander Behmke

Keep up the great work Warren Pioneers!
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Students of the Week 9/9/16

A much deserved shout out to our Students of the Week from back on 9/9/16.
6th- Caden Montgomery, Mia Butter
7th- Austin Flint, Mackenzie Hildebrandt
8th- Zachary Moore, Katie Bergman
Explo- Makaya Evans, Connor Shockey
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Students of the Week 10/14/16

Outstanding performance was demonstrated by these star students this week:
6th- Landon Wright, Sierra Cruz
7th- Julieann Seefeldt, Zachary Harrison
8th- Christian Lake, Josephine Butler
Explo- Aiden Walter, Lauren Broom
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