Richard W. Warren Middle School

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Students of the Week 3/3/17

Our character word for March is COURAGE. Courage is the ability to do something that is difficult, dangerous or frightens one. The strength in the face of pain or grief. Courage to be who you are will afford you the strength to be different. Courage to make a difference will enable you to do something positive and worthwhile with your life. The following students demonstrated their ability to be courageous :
6th- Manuel Yanez, Maria Garcia
7th- Kirk Zielinski, Breahna Hensley (not pictured)
8th- Jordan Johnson, Andrew Kohl
Explo- Leilani Bateman, Caden Montgomery
Congratulations! Keep up the hard work!
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Students of the Week 2/24/17

Congratulations to our Students of the Week:
6th- Ivan Ripperger, Mackenzie Good
7th- Kayla De LaRiva, Peyton White
8th- Lorenzo Solero, Nathalie Weaver
Explo- Evelyn Harper, Christian Maldonado (not pictured)
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Students of the Week 2/10/17

Our students of the week for last week are:
6th- Riley Winter & Alex Schulenberg
7th- Makaya Evans & Bradley Rogers
8th- Dominick Walter-Williams & Natalie Feild
Explo- Megan McConnell (not pictured)
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Students of the Week 2/3/17

The character word for the month of February is INTEGRITY. Integrity is defined as being strong enough to do what you know is right. Knowing the difference between right and wrong and choosing to do the right thing, even when it is difficult. Our students of the week were nominated for exhibiting integrity with their peers and in the classroom. Congratulations, keep up the good work!
6th- Steven Glick & Gabby Weaver
7th- Quintaya Malbrew & Evan Marshall
8th- Justin Pettis & Vanessa Hale
Explo- Jaden Johnson & Taisha Bellar
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Students of the Week 1/27/17

This week's Students of the Week are:
6th- River Laven & Caitlin Tolbert
7th- Kolt Searcy & Sierra Sawyer
8th- Tristan Lentz & Mea Morgan
Explo- Brittany Cox & Keenan Brown

Way to work hard Warren Pioneers!
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Students of the Week 1/20/17

Congratulations to our hard-working students of the week last week:
6th- Luke Bietka & Kimberleigh May
7th- Jim Yates & Tyla Meyers
8th- Melissa Jones & David Conway (not pictured)
Explo- Peyton Hall & Hailey Polk
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Students of the Week 1/13/16

Our students are back from Winter Break and working hard on the new semester. Our students of the week for last week are:
6th- Dallas Griffin & Taisha Bellar
7th- Aubrey Williams & Shawn McMurray
8th- Austin Dubberley & Mina Jean- Jacques
Explo- Sierra Cruz & Charlie Blacketer
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Students of the Week 12/16/16

This week's students of the week are:
6th- Cody Gardner & Leilani Bateman
7th- Gwyn Gebert & Zander Behmke
8th- Katelyn Havner & Tashon Bowens
Explo- Trenton Harper & Mia Kensinger
Keep up the great work!
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